Hires Salah Zalatino as CEO for Voice

Written by Malik Corbett

On Thursday, the firm that developed the EOSIO software for running cryptonetworks, announced that they have hired the Chief Digital Officer of Forbes, Salah Zalatino, as CEO for the Voice social media platform. plans on releasing the public beta version on February 14, 2020. 

Investors should expect volatility for EOS over the coming weeks. Obviously, has made a big bet by directly taking on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (a Facebook company). Dan Larimer and the team believe that all the components to make a decentralized social media platform successful is currently in place.

The success or failure of Voice will have a major impact on the EOS token price, which has many investors both excited and nervous about the February 14th beta launch. Voice promises to solve many of the problems found with today’s social media networks. One of the problems that Voice promises to solve is on-line identity issues such as catfishing, harmful robo-mobs and burner accounts through an authentication system built for EOSIO. Furthermore, content creators can get paid via a utility token called Voice token. The tokenomics for the Voice network is aimed at aligning the interests of users, content creators and advertisers alike. 

Will Voice achieve success? Time will soon tell. One thing to note, this is Dan Larimer’s ( CTO) has led the development of two other blockchain projects. One of the projects was Steem, a social media-based blockchain. Learning from the successes and troubles of Steem could prove valuable for Dan Larimer and the team.

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