Do We Have a Deal?

Written by Malik Corbett

Today, phase one of the U.S. / China Trade deal is to be signed at 11:30 AM EST in the nation’s capital. Although, not much is known about the 80 page document because it was not released ahead of the signing. However the agreement is expected to be made public after the signing this morning. 

Gold Up, Bitcoin Up

The Gold and BTC correlation continues as GLD and BTC have been up respectively this morning as of 9:00AM EST. This is a great development for many cryptocurrency investors as BTC continues to behave like a safe haven asset, this correlation has persisted for over a year.  

Bridgewater Associates Predicts Gold can Hit $2,000

Greg Jensen the co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates predicted that gold could hit $2,000 an ounce or higher because of the unprecedented monetary easing cycle. Central Banks around the world are pumping huge amounts of liquidity into the market. The Federal Reserve began pumping fresh money into the Repo markets to the tune of about $150 billion last month and there seems to be no end in sight. The Fed is not the only central bank pumping money into their economy in hopes to stimulate growth and inflation. Last September The European Central Bank infused cheap money into the economy by buying trillions of dollars worth of bonds and other assets to try and stimulate the economy. Japan and China are also in sync with the Fed and ECB in pumping fresh liquidity into the global market. This is great news for cryptocurrency investors as the new money chase yields…. With very little options to put cash for positive yields cryptocurrencies may begin to look really attractive to investors.

Could LiquidAccounts help Bring Mass Adoption to EOS Main-net? 

One of the projects to watch for in 2020 is the DAPP Network which is a layer-two scaling solution that I believe is a promising middleware technology that could help EOS main-net and its sister-chains gain mass adoption. One of the products that DAPP Network offers is LiquidAccounts which is a solution that allows dApp developers to obviate the difficult on-boarding process that is associated with blockchain-based cryptonetworks. Click here to learn more about LiquidAccounts and how it works.   

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