Written by Malik Corbett Monetary Authority of Singapore Recommends Blockchain Startup Chintai for License Chintai a decentralized resource protocol (i.e. resource lending market) built on top of EOS mainnet called Chintai announced in a blog post that the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) who launched a FinTec sandbox for digital asset start-ups last year has... Continue Reading →

Monday Bytes (January 27, 2020)

Written by Malik Corbett Digital Currencies Wakes Up the World’s Elite in Davos  Last week world government officials, business leaders, academics and other elites gathered in Davos, Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF announced that they will form a Global Consortium for Digital Currency Governance group which will focus on outlining... Continue Reading →

The Shaping of a New World Order?

Written by Malik Corbett This week is a big one for global markets. The world’s top government officials, business leaders and academics all descend upon Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum 2020 or WEF20. Furthermore, the earning season continues with Netflix, IBM, Intel and Johnson & Johnson reporting this week. While the U.S. was... Continue Reading →

Do We Have a Deal?

Written by Malik Corbett Today, phase one of the U.S. / China Trade deal is to be signed at 11:30 AM EST in the nation's capital. Although, not much is known about the 80 page document because it was not released ahead of the signing. However the agreement is expected to be made public after... Continue Reading →

Monday Bytes 1/13/2020

Written by Malik Corbett Over the weekend the cryptocurrency market rallied and even though the U.S. and Iran seem to back away from the brink of war last week, many investors are still worried. This week is set up to be an important one for global markets. U.S. and China trade officials are supposed to... Continue Reading → Hires Salah Zalatino as CEO for Voice

Written by Malik Corbett On Thursday, the firm that developed the EOSIO software for running cryptonetworks, announced that they have hired the Chief Digital Officer of Forbes, Salah Zalatino, as CEO for the Voice social media platform. plans on releasing the public beta version on February 14, 2020.  Investors should expect volatility for... Continue Reading →


Written by Malik Corbett Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) of Thailand has partnered with Ripple to create a mobile payment application powered by the blockchain. SCB has been aggressively working on banking products powered on the blockchain for some time now. Last year in July, the SCB launched a remittance product with Ripple in a sandbox... Continue Reading →

Monday Bytes

We are back from the holiday break and I am recharged and excited about the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency market for 2020. There is much to be excited about this year. BTC continues its role as a safe haven asset, as we saw last Friday, which bodes well for cryptocurrency investors as legacy markets... Continue Reading →

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